Our Farm / Our Philosophy


Our Farm / Our Philosophy

Nestled on almost 100 acres in Ashe County, the family farm was started by Sarah’s parents, Ray and Marsha Holmes. Here is where we believe the “French Intensive Method” or Biodynamic Gardening, works best. The idea is to plant many different varieties while striving to produce the most optimum yield in the smallest amount of space. This allows us to have many choices of vegetables for the menus we create. The biodynamic system uses no polluting fuel, no toxic pesticides, and no highly processed chemical fertilizers. Our fertilizer comes straight from our horses, chickens and compost. In fact, the technique actually improves the quality of the soil with each crop that we grow! We are also firm believers in heirloom seeds. Genetically modified strains have no place here on the farm. Companion planting also helps to eliminate the need for pesticides. All these things create the food that is fit to be served on your plate!